Wind gusts will die down over the next days


Breezy days in KELOLAND are commonplace, but Monday has been especially windy…with wind advisories blanketing much of the region.

Here in KELOLAND, and in much of the Northern Plains, there’s a lack of prominent hills, trees, and other terrain features. That means there isn’t much friction at the surface to help take the edge off that wind. The atmosphere can also help create blustery conditions in our backyard.

The lines that you see on this map are isobars…lines of constant atmospheric pressure. When you see those lines packed close together, that’s called a pressure gradient or difference. The tighter the lines are packed together, the greater the difference in pressure. When such a difference is in place, air will flow quickly from higher pressure to lower pressure.

Thankfully, today should be the windiest day of the next five or so. The pressure gradient over the region loosens its grip as we go into the night, easing our winds back a bit more by tomorrow.

This wind is also helping usher in a pretty dry air mass, which will keep us generally shower-free through at least Wednesday.

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