SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Some in northeastern KELOLAND may have stepped out of the house today and noticed smoke in the air. It’s coming from fires in Canada.

The red dots north of Edmonton in Alberta are active fires. The gray colors are smoke. The darker the gray, the thicker the smoke.

If we zoom in over KELOLAND, we can see the smoke impacted most of the area, with the exception of the southeast.

This map is showing there could be hot spots in KELOLAND as well.

The pattern is switching around, so the next couple of days we will have winds from the northwest, which will bring the smoke into KELOLAND through the weekend.

If we take a look at Futurecast, we can watch the smoke move through the area. Stopping Tuesday afternoon you can see the hot spots around Pierre with smoke.

Thick smoke moves into western South Dakota by late Wednesday morning and into Wednesday afternoon.

We may see more air quality alerts as the smoke becomes thicker in our area.