SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A wide variety of weather extremes for the upper plains and midwest. It’s a mix of just about everything. A day when you should truly expect the unexpected.

The quiet aspect of the weather was seen this morning in the form of fog. This was due to the warm moist air this morning over the snow-pack in eastern KELOLAND. When the winds picked up during the day, the fog went away. But as a vigorous storm system moved in from the southwest, the weather extreme started to move in.

Here’s just a couple of highlights or lowlights…

Severe weather through much of the state of Iowa and into southern Minnesota, including tornadoes. Flash freeze throughout much of the upper plains and midwest as temperatures go from the 40s to the teens during the evening.

Record high temperatures not only for the day, but all-time December record highs possible. Fast-moving thunderstorms of 60 to 80 mph. Wind gusts of over 60 mph for the plains and midwest as High Wind Warnings blanket those areas.

With so much going on, this will definitely go down as a day to remember in weather.

After this wild day of weather, things will be tamer for the rest of the week.