SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Smoky skies in KELOLAND can’t completely block out the bright moon we’ve been experiencing.

The landscape may be a little brighter than usual at night. To find the reason why, all you need to do is look up and you’ll see a bigger, brighter moon.

The moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical. So, it passes through a point when it’s closest to Earth and farthest from Earth once a month. When the moon is full and closest to the earth, it’s called a supermoon because it appears bigger and brighter in the sky.

This is the second full moon of the month, which is also known as a ‘blue moon’. Of course; it’s not blue, but the current smoke in the air can give it a reddish or orange-ish color. Getting two full moons in a month usually happens once every two or three years.

Opposite of the supermoon is the micro moon, this is when the moon appears smaller than usual as it is farther from the