SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Rain was hard to come by for KELOLAND this summer.

With the cooler air, we’ve been watching light rain chances, but the rain chance only lasts into Friday as dry air will once again return to KELOLAND.

As areas of showers and isolated thundershowers will move across KELOLAND over the next 24 hours, some in KELOLAND haven’t been so lucky when it comes to rain amounts over the past several months.

Here’s a look at the precipitation over the past six months, dating back to March. As you can see, western, central, and northern South Dakota are all above average. Southeast KELOLAND has been drier than average, except for areas near Sioux Falls to Mitchell.

For the most part, the past six months match what’s been going on for the past month. As you can see with this graphic showing above average conditions in central and western South Dakota while much of southern and southeast KELOLAND has been dry.

As we continue through September and into October, it looks to be warmer than average and mostly dry. A good start for those that are beginning to harvest.

But October’s pattern will be monitored as that pattern tends to repeat itself during the winter months.