SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The weather maps will be watched closely as rain chances will continue through the weekend. The chance of severe weather on Saturday afternoon depends on the placement of the cold front.

The cold front on the weather map shows the area where the wind changes direction, most often changing from a southerly direction to west or northwest. The westerly winds help bring in cooler and drier air, which usually acts as a focal point for storm development.

Forecast models are trying to agree on the placement of the cold front this weekend. Ahead of the front, where temperatures are warm and the air will be more humid is where severe weather is expected.

Here’s a look at three different computer models and where they are placing the front at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday. This model shows south to southeast winds east of Interstate 29 in Minnesota and Iowa. This is where strong to severe storms will develop. With westerly winds in South Dakota, the severe chances will be very low during the afternoon.

Model 2 doesn’t have the front as far east. It has it lingering in eastern South Dakota a little longer, and finally model 3 is also different as it shows southeast winds in northeast South Dakota.

So the placement of the cold front will play a role in where severe weather will set up during the day Saturday. You can follow along where the front is by checking on or the Storm Tracker app. Keep in mind, west to northwest winds mean the front is past. Southerly winds mean you’re still ahead of the front and strong to severe storms are possible.