SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — November has been a warm and dry month, but as we watch for colder air next week it brings in the conversation for snow.

It was a warm and windy day and while temperatures will be above average this weekend, we’ll soon get temperatures to fall below average next week. At the moment, it still looks dry as many are still waiting for their first one-inch snow.

I used the term “many” because some areas, including Pierre, already had one-inch snows. It happened at the end of October with a 1.7 on October 26 and an inch on October 28.

This is a look at when we usually get our first one-inch snow in KELOLAND. It ranges from the beginning of November in Rapid City to the end of the month in Spencer, Iowa. Between those two, a lot of us get our first one-inch snow by this time, the middle of November.

As I mentioned before, the cold air will start to come in next week. It’s a matter of how much moisture is around and if a storm system is even in the area to bring in a snow chance.

While we’re around the time frame for KELOLAND to get our first one-inch snow, the talk of our first 3, 6 or even 8 inches of snow can be reserved for a different day.