SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When the winter precip arrived in Sioux Falls it started as freezing rain and sleet. Then eventually switched to snow in Sioux Falls Thursday evening, and it was more than what people bargained for.

Anytime lightning is present when it snows, you know all bets are off when it comes to the snow amounts, as periods of heavy snow are more than likely. And that’s what we had.

Here’s KELOLAND Live Doppler HD from Thursday evening.

Notice the lightning strike at 7:00 near Rowena.

Fast forward about an hour and two more show up. Once again, near Rowena and in Sioux Falls.

Having thundersnow in KELOLAND is not uncommon. It usually occurs when we have a strong episode of warm air overriding cold air. This aids in the instability of the atmosphere. Much like the strong thunderstorms near the warm front in the warm months.

And we know it was heavy. In fact, the official measurement in Sioux Falls went from 2.4″ at 8:00 to 5.5″ at 9:00, that’s over an inch per hour!

By the end of it, snow amounts in Sioux Falls ranged from 7 and a half inches at the airport to 10 and a half on the south side of the city.

And we’re not done with the lightning, we’re already tracking that as a possibility for next week’s storm. Stay tuned…