SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s not just a lack of chilly weather that we’re seeing across KELOLAND. We also have a lack of snow.

We’ve been lacking in the wintry weather department across much of the region over the last several weeks… And it’s not just because of the warmer weather.

The lack of any kind of moisture has helped keep temperatures higher as dry soil begets warmer weather. A less than ideal upper-level pattern has also kept storm tracks from coming close to us. It’s a vicious cycle that we’ve been in, but the pattern may be attempting to break.

The last thirty days have been very dry across KELOLAND, with just a few areas still experiencing a marginal surplus. While snow has been hard to come by at first, a change may finally be on the way.

A more active pattern begins to set up in the region, with the first signs of this change arriving in the form of a few snow showers in northern KELOLAND on Saturday. From there, we watch Tuesday for a better chance at some light snow across the region.

While amounts are not expected to be anything to write home about, even a half to one inch of snow on the ground can have an effect on our temperatures. Of course, it’ll also be good to break our streak of dry days.

We’re also watching Thursday for the possibility of a few rain and snow showers.