SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’ve been coasting through the fall, but we know how quickly that can change.

The warm weather has been sticking around for much of the fall as well as the dry weather. But October can give us some big swings.

October is here, but it’s still warm! Highs once again went above and beyond our climate averages with highs mainly in the 70s. This is a trend that will continue for the next couple of days before a more substantial hit of colder air moves in.

The colder air later this week will push our numbers back to near 30 by Friday morning. Get used to these hits of colder air as they will become more frequent as we go through the month.

Futurecast temperatures for Friday

Overall, I think the pattern will have its ups and downs for temperatures. By the end of the month, we’ll average slightly above average.

As far as precipitation goes, that will be harder to come by as we’ll continue to be dominated by the drought. But as cooler air moves in, we’ll have better chances for moisture. Which can fall in both the form of rain AND snow!

Our October weather pattern is always monitored closely as it gives us clues at to what to expect for the coming winter. Stay tuned.