What Is A Storm Surge?

Folks on the east coast are getting ready for Florence. The hurricane is projected to make landfall early Friday morning and it is bringing strong, sustained winds near 80 mph with gusts near 100 mph, heavy rainfall with places projected to get near 30 inches of rain, and a strong storm surge.

Now here in KELOLAND, we are no strangers to strong winds and heavy rain but storm surges really aren't something we deal with it. So what is a storm surge?

A storm surge is basically a rise in the ocean over what would be typical tide levels. The strength and location of the storm can have an effect on the storm surge.

A major storm can have a 20 foot storm surge which would bring devastating impacts.

While the storm is far away, the waters just begin to rise.

As the storm gets closer, flooding becomes an issue and buildings can begin to be affected by the rising waters.

And as the storm makes landfall, the low air pressure and strong winds force the water well inland causing flooding and structural damage. 

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