SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sun dogs were a big topic this week was they are any day it gets very cold.

Sun dogs become a major topic when we get cold around KELOLAND.

Sun dogs can also be known as mock suns or sun halos. Similarly, there are sun pillars, which form at sunrise or sunset, when the ice crystals fall and refract the sun’s rays.

Sun dogs are created when two spots appear on either side of the sun at the elevation. Sometimes the two spots of light on either side of the sun connect with an arc.

They are caused by the refraction of sunlight that passes through the ice crystals. Sun dogs are also associated with cirrus clouds, the wispy high clouds. Sun dogs are most commonly seen during winter.

There’s mention of sun dogs dating back to Aristotle in ancient Greece. There were also mentions by Cicero in Rome.

The name for sun dogs can be traced back to Scandinavian languages and Norse mythology about two wolves hunting down the sun and moon.

The sun dogs do create beautiful pictures, so send yours to