SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’re coming out of our second wettest winter on record in Sioux Falls and by the looks of the forecast that wet weather is continuing into meteorological spring.

Cloudy skies ruled the day for many in southeast KELOLAND Monday morning. Along with it, foggy conditions and drizzle greeted many commuters throughout the morning. It is just a taste of what to expect for the week with cloudy skies and moisture; moisture amounts for some will approach or even go over an inch.

The areas most likely to receive an inch or more are found in northern, central and western KELOLAND. From there the amounts do taper down, but a lot of KELOLAND will get at least a half inch of liquid precipitation this week. If we get an inch this week in Aberdeen, Pierre, and Watertown that will equal or surpass what a typical March brings for those cities.

The rest of KELOLAND is expected to pick up at least half of their average March precipitation. Of course, we’re just talking about liquid precipitation; it is expected to remain cold enough for a lot of this to fall in the form of snow.

While we put a ding in the drought monitor this winter, if this pattern continues, it will become a dent.