Wednesday was another windy day in KELOLAND


It was another day with strong wind and heat in KELOLAND. In fact, this June is going down as one of the windiest in recent memory.

I’ve done some checking on our wind so far this June and here’s what I found. Not including Wednesday Sioux Falls has had eight days with wind gusts over 40 mph. In the past five years, wind gusts of over 40 mph in June has occurred a total of 12 times! We’re only four away from the previous five year total.

Think of it this way. High pressure is sinking air. That air needs someplace to go, and it goes to low pressure where it rises. The greater the difference in pressure, the stronger the wind.

Here’s the setup behind the wind today. Our winds are blowing to the strong low-pressure system that’s giving snow to Montana. As this system moves out, winds will slowly start to calm down.

On average, our windiest month in South Dakota is April when we typically make the transition into the warmer months ahead. The average wind speed this past April was 10.4 mph, so far this month it’s been 13. So we’ll need calmer days ahead for April to win out.

We do expect much lighter winds for the rest of the month. Excluding thunderstorm wind gusts, we may not get gusts to 40 until the end of the month.

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