SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – -While forecasting the weather, looking for patterns is always a good way to keep ahead of what’s coming. One of those patterns may be setting up now.

After a hot holiday weekend, temperatures have cooled. The cooler air also came with rain, and while not everyone was able to receive the rain it reminded me of what happened a month ago. Here’s a refresher…

Low pressure moved through KELOLAND earlier this week. It brought some rain, but nothing widespread as the Gulf was closed and we didn’t have available moisture.

Rewind a month ago. We had a low-pressure system move through, with available moisture. It gave widespread heavy rain to KELOLAND.

Here’s a look at how September and August started. Both months started with highs well above average with a lot of 90s and 100s.

And both months show rain as cooler air moved in. Granted the rain wasn’t as heavy in September as the moisture wasn’t available.

If this pattern holds true for October, expect the first couple of days of the month to be well above average quickly followed by a chance at precipitation. But that precip chance will be dependent on how much moisture is available.