Warmer Temperatures Are In The Forecast

It may be hard to believe, but there is a warm up in your forecast.

We've been waiting months for it and soon warmer temperatures will be here.  While it's been delayed, we've actually had to wait longer in past years for the 60-degree heat.

This latest round of snow gave eastern KELOLAND anywhere from two to nine inches.  While it'll keep our temperatures down, the April sunshine will eventually win over and we'll see temperatures warm to the 60s by Wednesday.  Many locations that do hit the 60s will have their warmest day so far this year.

Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and Pierre have their warmest day so far this year in the 50s.  By the time we get to Wednesday, widespread 60s are possible.

But it's coming in late.  Sioux Falls usually gets its first 60-degree day on March 14.  Aberdeen's happens on March 18, while Pierre gets theirs on February 19.  Without a 60-degree day yet in Pierre, it's the latest the capital has gone as April 7 was the previous latest date.

Enjoy the warm weather while it's here because there's a storm system that will move through KELOLAND this weekend to bring another round of snow and cold air.  

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