SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Our team of meteorologists are not in any hurry to bring in the cooler air.

Next week we flip the calendar to November, and what we originally thought would be a cooler pattern has changed.

Thursday marked the 11th day this month with a below average high. Otherwise, it’s been mostly dry and warm. We’ll end the month with warm and dry conditions, but one has to wonder when the colder air will arrive and stay. Short answer is, not right away.

Over the next couple of weeks, the jet stream is expected to slam the Pacific northwest. This will bring in above average precipitation for them, but as the air rides over the Rockies and into the upper plains, the moisture gets rung out and as a result, we’ll be dry and warm.

It’s a matter of when this pattern changes. And there are signs that will happen during the second half of November.

The dry and warm weather has helped keep the harvest going, but the flip side of the dry skies have kept the fire danger elevated.