SIOUX FALLS, S.D, (KELO) — Crews with the South Dakota Department of Transportation have been out working to clear the roads since this morning.

Curt Theisen with DOT has been out plowing roads all day. As you can see in this video it’s been a bumpy ride.

“I started checking roads about six o’clock this morning with it starting to rain, watched it change over to sleet and then go to snow, then we got the trucks on the road,” Theisen said.

He says blowing snow is causing low visibility and stretches of ice and snow in Southeastern South Dakota.

“The winds are probably what the difficulty we’re having with today. It’s a wet heavy snow. So we’re able to- a lot of spots are plowing it off, and it’s slushy underneath,” Theisen said.

Craig Smith oversees plowing across the state and expects the winds to keep plow drivers busy long after the snow stops.

“We’ll probably see at least some blowing and sticking and icy roads through Friday, and maybe even though the weekend just depending how much of that snow is going to blow around once it does quit snowing,” Smith said.

“Where this snow is blowing across, that is solid slush in there,” Theisen said.

Smith says there will be stretches of the roads that are very icy, so if you’re heading out of town, be sure to slow down.

“Don’t be using your cruise control. The road may look fine for a short stretch but there will definitely be some other stretches that are pure ice and going to make it challenging driving,” Smith said.

Smith says they are not expecting any road closures at this time in South Dakota. Some roads in southwest Minnesota, including a stretch of Highway 34 and 14, are currently closed.