Another round of snow blew through KELOLAND. We still have a couple of our snowiest months ahead. March and April can be snowy.

On average, Sioux Falls can receive around eight inches of snow in March and two and a half in April.

Aberdeen averages just over seven and a half inches in March and four in April.
Pierre receives six and a half inches in March and just over three in April.
Rapid City averages around nine in March with seven inches in April.

While we have those averages, here’s a look at some of the extremes.

The most snowfall, in either month, in Sioux Falls was around 31 and a half inches of snow. That was in April of 2018.
Both months in Aberdeen have record snowfalls over 20 inches, March saw 28 and April saw 24 and a half.

Pierre saw a record snowfall in March with almost 32 inches in 1975, April had almost 21 in 2013.
Rapid City saw nearly 31 inches of snow in March, and nearly 43 and a half inches of snow in April in 2013.

Since these are spring snows, they are wet and heavy snows making them a workout while shoveling.

While we don’t have any new snow in the forecast anytime soon, we are watching for another round of cold air later this month.