SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — People continue to cleanup from the most recent derecho earlier this week.

Unfortunately, this has been more common as of late.

Derechos are widespread, long-lived wind storms with a broad band of showers or thunderstorms. These are fast moving storms and are known for their widespread wind damage left in their wake. They feed off the high dew point temperatures, usually 70s, ahead of their path.

This graphic shows the climatology of derechos in the United States. While it shows central and western South Dakota average one every four years, it shows one every two years in eastern KELOLAND. SO we’ve had our fair share of them this year.

Notice the area with the most derechos is where Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas meet.

While we do have them, they are usually a little more uncommon than what we had recently.

This year we’ve already had two. One on May 12 and the other July 5. The only other time we’ve had two in the same year that I am familiar with is in 2020. That’s when we had one race from southwest South Dakota to North Dakota on June 6, and the other is the infamous Iowa derecho that started in extreme southeast South Dakota during the morning of August 10.

So, we’ve had two drechos this year and there’s still plenty of heat and humidity to go around this summer. But, let’s NOT go for a third.