SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Many in KELOLAND have had dry skies this month, but that will soon change. When it does, cities in KELOLAND will continue to climb their wettest winters ever.

With above-freezing temperatures over the weekend and for much of this week, you’ll notice the landscape changing across KELOLAND as snow and ice will continue to melt. Sooner or later we’ll replenish the snow, it’s just a matter of when. And when we do, it will just add to our winter precipitation numbers.

Those numbers have been impressive. As Sioux Falls has received 4.49 inches since December, that’s good for 7th overall for wettest winters. Huron is a little more than two and a half, which is tied for the 18th wettest. Pierre is sitting at their 20th wettest winter with 2.26 inches.

Watertown and Aberdeen have not been as wet with both cities coming in at less than two inches since December first.

Watertown is three-quarters of an inch from entering their top 20 while Aberdeen needs about an inch and a quarter.

Things will get more active by the middle of the month to add to these totals. Expect many to continue to climb the wet ladder this winter.