SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Not only will the cold stick around this week, but that trend will continue for next week.

Spring in KELOLAND can mean a lot of things. From cold to warm, snow to rain, and severe weather. This year, it’s the cold and snow. The severe weather has been showing up well to our south and it will stay well to our south.

This is a look at the severe weather reports from yesterday.

While it includes one tornado in Alabama. The rest of the nearly 150 reports are of wind and hail.

And with another hit of cold air late this week, storms will erupt well to our east and southeast as the Storm Prediction Center already has a severe outlook for Friday from eastern Iowa to southern Wisconsin and south.

The difference in temperature will help drive the severe weather to our east. As you can see, KELOLAND will be cold on Friday.

So while the cold is keeping the severe weather chances away from KELOLAND for now, we still have to deal with the flipside of that…the snow. While we’ve been gaining ground in losing snow, some will see that fill in again as the cold remains into April.

But we know sooner or later warm temperatures along with severe weather will return to KELOLAND.