SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Conditions are slowly improving when it comes to moisture in KELOLAND.

As temperatures have remained below average over the past week, much of the moisture has been able to soak up and stay in ground. And I’m talking about areas that have needed it the most, western South Dakota.

This map shows the rain amounts over the past week. As you can see, much of it fell in western South Dakota.

Some of the rain amounts in the west range from a couple of inches to over four.

And it’s been nice to get a break in northeast KELOLAND, where amounts for the past week have been a half inch or less.

At the same time, southeast KELOLAND has had areas of rain. This mainly depending on individual thunderstorms. As things range from a quarter inch around Sioux Falls to over two inches for an area in northwest Iowa.

With the drought monitor put over the weekly rain, shows a lot of it fell into some of the driest areas in KELOLAND.

We’re not done with rain chances either as we’ll watch for rain chances this weekend which include a chance for thunderstorms. Keep in mind, any storms that do develop may contain periods of heavy rain.

Bottom line, things are looking a lot better now than what we had going just a couple of months ago.