SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’re continuing to watch the rain gauge in KELOLAND, and lately what we’ve seen hasn’t been all that positive.

You don’t have to go too far to see the effects of our recent dry and hot weather. Though portions of KELOLAND have seen rain on occasion, the overall trend has not been a good one…with spotty chances being seen over what we need: A nice, soaking rain.

As a result, severe and extreme drought conditions continue to creep into southeastern KELOLAND, with moderate drought now reaching the I-90 corridor to the southeast. Out west, there is still the bulls-eye of severe drought conditions along the Cheyenne River northwest of Pierre.

We do have a chance to see some improvement as we head into the weekend. A cold front will move eastward by Friday, with low pressure sticking around through the weekend. If everything works out and the best-case scenario is achieved, then areas that are in need of a good, soaking rain will get just that.

It will be a matter of where this rain sets up shop. Notice that each of our three rain outlooks show varying solutions. In general, though, the Canadian and European models are more optimistic than their American counterpart.

Considering how tough it has been to get appreciable rain in place, any chance like this is something worth watching. While it may not be a drought-buster, it’s still far better than the alternative.