SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With the days growing shorter by the day, the days of high humidity may be mostly behind us, but it doesn’t mean we are done just yet.

We reference dew points quite often during the growing season. Numbers like today in the 50s represent a nominal amount of humidity in the air. 60s for dew points point toward more of a summer feel. Notice the narrow belt of 60 degree dew points show on this map expanding into the weekend.

Not only will this factor help a few local clusters of thunderstorms, but will also really give the weekend a summer feel with to the weather during the overnights. Instead of falling into the 40s, we’ll keep 60s around much more often the next few days.

Even though some of our East River areas will get a bounce on the humidity, we are still disconnected from any deeper moisture in the atmosphere to our south. You can clearly see all the tropical moisture over the Gulf of Mexico, but only limited amounts will spread to the north.

So until we see something more substantial to change that pattern, widespread rain will still be harder to organize for now.