SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Things have slowly changed over the past couple of weeks, as we are starting to get steadier chances for rain in eastern KELOLAND.

This is quite the change from the recent rain this summer when western South Dakota received a lot of rain and eastern KELOLAND stayed dry.

Now it has slowly flipped, as eastern KELOLAND is getting rain and will continue to get rain as the forecast dictates rounds of rain through the weekend.

This can be linked to cooler temperatures in eastern KELOLAND and storm systems progressing farther east where they are able to link up with available moisture in the atmosphere.

Granted we are only a week and a half into the month of August, but there are many communities with more rainfall this month than June and July combined.

The jury is still out on what to expect for the second half of the month. But I would not be surprised to continue to see better rain chances in eastern KELOLAND to make up for lost ground during much of the summer.