SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The ups and downs in January will continue for the rest of the month as we watch for a series of Alberta Clippers to move through the upper plains.

We had our upside in the temperatures earlier this week, now we’re in the downside of things as cold air has settled in KELOLAND. But we’ll soon swing the other way as systems continue to come in from the northwest.

These systems originate in the providence of Alberta in Canada, hence the name “Alberta Clipper”. Expect a parade of clippers over the next five days. This means temperatures will continue to fluctuate and light snow will remain in the forecast. Oh, and wind will also come with each passing clipper.

These types of systems are known to be moisture-starved, so the snow that comes with them will remain light.

Any snow that falls with these systems will have to be watched closely, as the placement of snow can easily change within 12 hours.