SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — While southeast KELOLAND has missed out on the recent snow, that will soon change. So it’s time to be reminded of your winter weather driving skills.

As light snow moves west to east across southern KELOLAND tonight, don’t be surprised to see snow falling in southeast KELOLAND for your morning drive. With that in mind, you’ll need extra distance from you and the car in front of you as your stopping distance and time will take longer.

On average, it takes a car traveling at 35 mph, 130 to 175 feet to stop on dry pavement. Throw some snow in and the distance increases to 205 to 270 feet. On ice, it’s 320 to 425 feet.

Stopping distance with different road conditions

The time it takes to stop increases from 3 to 4 seconds on dry pavement to 5 to 8 seconds on snow and 10 to 14 seconds on ice.

Stopping time with different road conditions

Drivers should also keep in mind, that the wind will also aid in reducing visibilities not only with any new snow falling but expect blowing snow for those outside of cities and towns.

We’re just at the beginning of our snowfall season, and even though the snow will remain light it doesn’t take much for slippery conditions.