SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Drought is expanding again in KELOLAND as extreme drought conditions are a big concern in far southeast KELOLAND.

Last week’s drought monitor map looked like this, with the worst conditions centered around Sioux City and another pocket of severe drought northwest of Pierre.

Take a look at the new update and you can see that the drought pocket around Sioux City is moving north toward Sioux Falls, with both Turner and Lincoln counties now in moderate drought.

The drought has also expanded West River and has worsened over in central Minnesota.

Spotty rains over the past 7 days have been nice for those fortunate enough to get the moisture, like the patch just northwest of Sioux Falls last weekend where locally over 1 inch fell.

The areas shaded in yellow or orange on this map show the driest locations over the past 30 days relative to normal. You can clearly see some of the driest areas just south of Sioux Falls, but other locations in northern and western KELOLAND still keeping higher numbers due to the storms in June.

The rain forecast calls for areas of thunderstorms around the region over the next 7 days, so the placement of those storms will hold the keys to what changes we see next week.