Taking A Look At How Weather Impacts Fireworks


Did you know that the weather has a big impact on fireworks? Of course you probably already did know that.

If you are like me, you’ve probably had a firework show or two canceled in your life due to thunderstorms and rain. But the weather can actually have more of an effect besides just stopping everything.

Humidity can cause the colors to be more or less vibrant. The more moisture there is in the air, the less vibrant the colors will be.

The wind can control where the smoke travels if there is even any wind at all. Calm winds mean the smoke can stay in place, which would impact the visibility.

And temperature inversions, where temperatures increase as you go higher in the air, can trap smoke near the surface, which would impact visibility and air quality. 

So hopefully the weather didn’t have too big of an impact on your Fourth of July celebrations. But if it did, you still have a few more days to light up your fireworks.

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