SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — While we enjoyed a warm October and early November, the cold air was a slap in the face for some as temperatures fell below average. Throw in some snow, and it seems we’ve been thrown right into winter.

Viewers have noticed the same thing. In fact, I received an email over the weekend describing the same scenario in 2014.

“Starting on November 11 we had ‘instant’ winter with 10 days in a row of highs not breaking 32 degrees. We also picked up six inches plus of snow on November 15. Although we missed this past week’s snowstorm here in Sioux Falls, the temperatures for the next week are looking just like they did back eight years ago in 2014.

So my question is, do you see this ‘early’ stretch of winter weather in mid-November as a precursor of a longer, colder than average, snow-filled winter ahead?

Well, it piqued my interest and I looked back at the winter of 2014-15 and here’s what I found.

  • November had 8.3″ and was colder than avg
  • December, 5.9″ slightly warmer than avg
  • January, 9.8″ slightly warmer
  • February, 6.2″ colder than avg (it seems Feb has been our coldest month lately)
  • March, 1.7″ warmer
  • April, 0.0″ slightly warmer (84 degrees on the 1st!)

Total snow was around 32″, which is about 10″ below climate average.

Stay tuned, as the KELOLAND Live Doppler Winter Special is on Monday night at 6:30 and I’ll have my prediction as to what to expect.