Though it’s cold enough for snow today, it’s another dry day in Sioux Falls. That’s something we haven’t had a lot of this winter.

So far Sioux Falls is at its seventh wettest winter on record. But, we are in the middle of a dry spell.

With the going forecast, Sioux Falls may not get measurable precipitation until the middle of February. Combine that with the last three days of January being dry, and we’ll have a stretch of 18 consecutive days with dry weather.

The previous dry spell this winter was 10 days, that happened January 6th through 15th. Not only has it been dry during this time, but we’ll continue to melt snow.
The slow and steady snowmelt has been ideal.
Don’t get me wrong, the precipitation has been great amidst the current drought. We’ll see what the spring melt brings us in the next couple of months.