September tornadoes rare in South Dakota


The clean-up continues as tornadoes left a scar in southern Sioux Falls. While getting tornadoes after sunset is rare, it’s even more rare to get them so late in the year.

The aftermath of three EF-2 tornadoes can still be seen in Sioux Falls. From downed trees to structural damage, the buzz of chainsaws and the sound of heavy machinery is still in the air a week later.

September tornadoes are fairly rare. Dating back to the year 2000, South Dakota has had 525 reports of tornadoes. Of those, only 20 have occurred in September, or only 4%. The highest number is 9 from September 2006.

Summer heat and humidity held during the early part of the week. While we’ll get a break from it tomorrow, it will quickly return by Friday.

We’re watching for more severe weather late this week, though the chance doesn’t look as high, let’s keep the tornadoes away.

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