SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –A break in the heat is a welcome change for most of KELOLAND, but the rain trends will prove very important this week as scattered showers and thunderstorms appear in the forecast.

Clearly, the past two weeks have been drier for much of KELOLAND as large pockets of red on this map show below normal rainfall patterns associated with the recent heat.

Of course, few select areas have been more fortunate to pick some better rain. That has been the case again today and will likely be the case tomorrow as well.

One of the keys to developing more widespread rainfall in the late summer is finding the connection to the deeper moisture supply from the Gulf of Mexico. You can track that trend the next couple of days in the red and yellow shaded areas to our south. The pattern of fronts from Canada will keep our temperatures below normal, but it appears we won’t have as much time to reload the deeper moisture needed for widespread thunderstorms.

If you are watering your lawn this summer, you will notice a bigger bang for your buck this week as cooler daytime highs and nighttime lows help lower the soil temperatures a bit.