SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s been a quiet month so far, but we’ll start hearing noise soon enough.

And that noise will be in the form of rain or snow, which is in the forecast for tonight. Snow amounts will remain light with many staying less than an inch. If you do wake up to some white tomorrow, keep in mind it will most likely be gone by midday on Friday. It’s just a taste of snow, which in November tends to be all or nothing.

Here’s what I mean. Looking at November snow amounts for Sioux Falls since 1950, it averages out to 5.4 inches.

During that time, we’ve been below 5.4 inches 45 times and above 5.4 inches 26 times.

But look what it averages out to. When we get less than the 5.4 monthly average, that number averages 1.8.

Of those years when we’re above the 5.4 monthly average, it’s 11.6 inches. Well above.

That’s why I like to call November an all-or-nothing month when it comes to snow. When we get snow, we usually get a lot. When we don’t, it remains fairly light.

With colder air moving in this weekend and next week, I expect this to be an above-average snow month. Just how much above remains to be seen.