SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Rain chances lately can be broken down to one phrase as of late: It’s a case of the haves and the have-nots.

Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities got in on some very beneficial rainfall on Sunday, but the set-up has been an all-too-typical one: Some get a lot of rain, while others get little to nothing. Widespread rain has been tough to come by, and it shows when you look at the thirty-day trend.

Feast or famine is the theme as we look at portions of KELOLAND that really illustrate this. Sunday’s rain in Sioux Falls helped the short-term departure, but areas south of Highway 18 missed out…a difference of just 25 miles.

Out toward Pierre, we have a similar situation, where a small distance separates a deficit from a major surplus west of the capital city. The trend continues to the west, where more of the same is in place south of Rapid City.

This trend is expected to continue into the end of the week. With a ridge of high pressure developing overhead, monsoonal moisture will get caught on the west side of the ridge and run on the outer edge of high pressure. By Friday, we’ll try to get some help in place, but NE South Dakota and SW Minnesota are the ones that get in on it.

Even as we head into the weekend and the start of next week, rain chances are going to be more localized than widespread…so the rain disparity between locations across KELOLAND will unfortunately continue.