Month of November usually hit or miss when it comes to snow


We’ve seen it before. The month of November is usually all or nothing when it comes to snow. While we do have hits of snow moving through this week, the month may end up being close to a nothing than an all.

Think of it this way. On average, November drops around 6 to 8 inches of snow. Looking back since 1950, Sioux Falls has had 33 Novembers with less than 3 inches, 13 have been over 10 inches.

That ends up being 48% of the time, Sioux Falls receives less than three inches in November. 19% have had more than 10, so about a third of the time the city receives 3 to 10 inches.

But, of the 13 years we got more than 10 inches, it averages out to be 15.3. The heaviest was 21.9 inches in 1985.

While cold air is in place, we have very limited moisture so snow amounts will remain light.

If we do end up with a nothing month, be prepared for December as the pattern changes. It could be a snowy month, in fact we’ve had over 10 inches of snow six times already this decade in Sioux Falls.

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