SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s been an active spring in KELOLAND. As we start to warm, our thoughts will swing from snowstorms to severe weather.

Winter is still holding in KELOLAND. Below-average temperatures for the week and a blizzard taking aim on western, central, and northeast KELOLAND. But much warmer weather will soon return and with it, the possibility of severe weather. Here’s the set-up we’ve been following over the past couple of weeks.

While we’ve made improvements on the drought in KELOLAND, things remain very dry to our south, especially in western Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. This will be our source of dry and warm air.

Above-average temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico will help bring in moisture with storm systems that move through the plains.

This will combat with cold air over deep snow in northern KELOLAND and north. Any storm system that moves through the plains can easily spark strong to severe thunderstorms as these air masses collide in the central plains this spring.

Though we will soon say goodbye to the active pattern we’ve had with snow; as we warm, we’ll most likely enter an active pattern with warmth and severe weather.