SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — While we’ve been enjoying a break from the heat lately, it’s no secret that we’ve been feeling the heat more often than not this summer.

Just like 2021, this year has featured a good amount of heat across KELOLAND, with several waves of well above average temperatures blanketing the region. The generally dry weather we’ve had along the way certainly hasn’t helped the situation, as dry ground typically heats up more readily. So let’s see just how hot it has been thus far.

So far this year, Sioux Falls leads the way at 24 days with a daytime high of at least 90 degrees. We could end the year right now, and we’d still be above average for the year in this regard. Northeastern KELOLAND, however, has been able to escape the heat a bit more, with Aberdeen’s current tally standing as 16 days at or above 90.

In central KELOLAND, Pierre is keeping up with Aberdeen’s pace of 16 days, but they’ve also had two days at or above 100 degrees and four more days where they were within three degrees of the century mark. Rapid City sort of splits the difference at 19 days so far, with three of those days reaching the triple digits.

What I also found interesting is that each of those four cities had at least one day at or above 100 degrees this year. It’s the second year in a row we’ve done this but only the fourth time in the last twenty years.

We’re just getting into the second half of meteorological summer, with astronomical summer still in its first half…so there’s plenty of time to get more of that heat to head our way before we close the books.