KELOLAND's Winter Weather Prediction

It's only September, but the cooler weather may have you thinking about the long range forecast.  

KELOLAND News did some digging and sees some of the first clues guiding the pattern toward late fall and winter.

Can it really be time to start looking at winter?  Some of you are saying no!  However, many of you are starting to wonder about what the winter could be like.  There's much to look at yet, but here is the starting list of things we think are important to watch.

The first question to ask it the biggest...what's changed in the big picture from last winter?

Well, surprisingly, some of the same things we were dealing with as late as April are still drivers in the weather patterns.  

Look at the sea surface temperatures in April verses August.  The pockets of yellow and orange indicate above normal surface water temperatures and the blues are colder than normal.  More or less, the maps haven't changed a lot.  That may be a clue toward more active winter weather.

Also, we are interested in bigger topics that link the winds way up high in the stratosphere in the tropics and low solar cycle activity from sun. 

I won't dive into all the details, but there's strong evidence that's one big factor that caused winter to last way too long into April.  You didn't forget about that,did you?

New to the talk for winter is the wild card of El Nino returning to the mix this winter.  I'll explain how that could impact the cool season months ahead tomorrow.

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