KELOLAND meteorologists have added another forecast tool to their toolbox


In an effort to give you the most accurate snowfall forecast, KELOLAND weather is merging the latest technology with the latest weather research.

Our winter forecasts start with the latest FutureCast snowfall output models.

But we live in KELOLAND where every snowfall event, from the big blizzards to quick hits of light snow, are never simple. So, we also have have snowfall risk maps in our toolbox.

You’ve probably seen these maps with the percentage chance of different areas seeing a certain amount of snow.

But this winter we are simplifying these maps to show zones of Slight, Moderate, and High risk of seeing a certain amount of snow.

If those terms sound familiar, they should. It’s the same language we use to forecast severe weather in the summer.

These new risk maps highlight the areas that have the greatest risk of seeing certain thresholds of snow.

The high risk zones won’t necessarily see the most snow, they just have the highest risk of seeing snow.

These new maps will be especially valuable for snow events with high volatility, when track of the low will determine where the heaviest band of snow will end up. That way we can show the areas with the greatest risk of snow and the areas of greatest uncertainty where the forecast still needs some tweaking.

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