SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We know it’s been a very dry year, and that has continued into the last month of 2022. But some have been much drier than others.

Just like much of the rain this spring and summer, the snow has been very hit-and-miss across KELOLAND early into this snow season. But we can definitely use the moisture.

Here’s a look at where we are for the year. All on this map are below average.

In fact, Winner and Yankton are more than ten inches below their average precipitation. Mitchell is just shy of ten inches below average.

I dove into things are little further and looked at how some of these numbers compare to all time.

If we do not get any more precipitation for the rest of the year, Mitchell will have its driest year on record, Winner its second driest, Chamberlain its third driest and Yankton its 11th driest on record.

With how dry it’s been, snow is not entirely a bad thing as we’ll need it to help fill the aquifers when spring arrives.

And yes, we do have better chances for moisture as we head into the final weeks of the year.