SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Temperatures will continue to heat up over the next couple of days. But the humidity should not be as thick as before.

As temperatures return to the 90s and 100s, the humidity isn’t expected to be as high as dew point temperatures will stay lower than past hot episodes we’ve had this year. Here’s the difference on your body with low humidity versus high humidity.

Low humidity works better with the body as it allows moisture to evaporate more efficiently, which in turn cools the body. On the other hand, high humidity limits the body’s ability to cool off as sweat is harder to evaporate. This makes us more uncomfortable.

Even though the humidity may not be as thick these next few days, you still need to take the proper precautions to keep heat-related illnesses away. Drink plenty of fluids; wear light, loose-fit clothing; and remember to take frequent breaks when out in the summer heat.

The lower dew points are a sign of limited moisture, so expect only slight chances for rain as cooler air returns later this week.