How To Stay Ahead Of The Weather


With the roads and streets being dangerous this time of year, it always helps to be one step ahead.

Members of the Emergency Management Team and the Fire Department share their ideas on how to help you get around Wednesday.

It’s one thing to rush to a person in need of help, but you can’t help what mother nature has in store.

“Roads are going to be a different matter. We’re looking at anywhere from an inch and a half to possibly up to two and a half inches of rain over the next couple of days. The ground is frozen, still saturated, it’s got to go somewhere,” Assistant Manager of the Emergency Management Team Doug Blomker said.

The excess water is looking to cause more flooding on busy roads across the city.

On a day like Wednesday, one of the biggest things crews advise is to steer clear of giant puddles of water.

“If you see water, crossing the road, even if you think you might be able to make it through it, it’s very likely that it could be deeper than you think. It’s possible that it could be washed out underneath, so we would advise to not drive through standing water,” Firefighter Jon Sanders said.

“A common mistake people might make is overdriving the road conditions. With the freezing and thawing, it’s possible there could be ice on the road even if you can’t see it. It could look like the roads are fine and there could be a layer of black ice there,” Sanders said.

By keeping your eyes on the road, and finding a different route. The more you prepare the better off it will be for you and rescue teams.

“Every person is their own best first responder. They need to be aware ahead of time, you know, especially right now. This has been publicized for the past several days; everybody knows this is coming. Being prepared is far better than being behind the eight-ball,” Blomker said.

If you’d like to get ahead of the weather, be sure to download the KELOLAND Stormtracker App or head to our weather page.

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