SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you get the chance, look to the sky tonight or early Thursday morning for something super.

Many of you were probably sleeping at the time, but the moon was the closest to the earth that it will ever be this year. Resulting in what is known as a super moon.

Much like what we had during the day in eastern KELOLAND, clear skies should continue tonight to allow star or moon-gazers a special sight. You early risers may have already seen it.

This morning at 4 o’clock, the moon was just shy of 222,000 miles away. Resulting in what is known as a super moon as it appeared much brighter and much larger than usual.

If you missed it, the moon will likely appear brighter and larger through Friday. And with our mostly clear skies, you can expect to see it later this evening as the moonrise is at 9:45, it sets a little after 6:30 Thursday morning.

And if you miss it later this week, the next full moon will be here on August 11, BUT it will be about 3700 miles farther away.