SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We had a fresh hit of Christmas snow in KELOLAND.

While Sioux Falls picked up an inch and a half, Brookings and Aberdeen had two and a half inches and Sisseton came in just shy of 4. It all adds to the amount of precipitation we’ve had in KELOLAND.

Many, if not all in KELOLAND are above average when it comes to precipitation this month. In fact, we have some cities that are in their top 5 for wettest December.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been keeping track of the amount of moisture this month and here’s what I’ve come up with.

Chamberlain is already at their wettest December with a little more than two inches.

The rain earlier this month helped Sioux Falls get to its 3rd wettest December as well as Huron and Sisseton.

Pierre being just shy of two inches is good for its 4th wettest December and Mobridge is at its 5th wettest.

Not on this list, Aberdeen is at number 12 and Watertown is at its 14th.

For many, this is the highest precipitation we’ve had in a month since August!

Along with the above-average precipitation, temperatures have been below average. Both have been giving many in KELOLAND above-average snowfall this month.

And there’s more precipitation on the way before we finish the month with our next hit coming on Thursday.