How Fallstreak Clouds Are Formed

The hole punch cloud is a rare and extremely fascinating cloud type. And late last week, the rare phenomenon was spotted just north of Sioux Falls. 

This cloud was spotted by our Chief Photographer Kevin Kjergaard.

Hole punch clouds are also known as fallstreak clouds.

It all starts in a cirrocumulus or altocumulus cloud very high up in the atmosphere. The clouds are made up of supercooled water, which is liquid water that is below freezing.

But once an ice particle is introduced and bumps into a water droplet, that droplet will freeze. This causes a chain reaction where other water droplets in the immediate area freeze and fall out of the cloud thus leaving behind a hole in the original cirrocumulus or altocumulus cloud. 

So thanks to our photography crew for always being out and about in KELOLAND and always able to capture really cool weather phenomena. And if you ever see something neat, send it in! We always love to see what you are seeing.



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