SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’ve been following model trends that have been hinting at a much colder December than average.

Those models and trends have been showing up on the teleconnections, or the long-distance relationship between weather patterns. Our current La Nina pattern is just one example of a teleconnection.

The talk of a cold December brought out the ‘Weather Nerd’ in me, and behind the scenes, I’ve compiled lists of cold Decembers and I’ll keep track and compare this year to years prior.

Just to see where we end up, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do come in the top quarter of cold Decembers since 1950.

In the short term, we’ll continue to watch for arctic intrusions of cold air. In the meantime, cold pieces here and there may come through during the first half of the month.

Along with the cold, snow will also be monitored as we should end up being above average for the month.