SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — After a cool start to June, much warmer weather looks likely in the days ahead.

For some of us, the cooler start to June has felt really nice. Lower humidity, highs in the 70s, you can’t complain. But get ready for some big changes with a preview starting this weekend.

With the official start of summer only days away, the heat and humidity we often think of with mid-summer weather is just around the corner.

Take a look a the dew point forecast starting this weekend. Numbers in the 60s will certainly feel more humid and those values will even climb into the 70s in many areas by Monday. That, combined with highs in the 90s, we’ll likely be talking heat indexes near 100.

That warm spell is only the beginning. The jet stream is forecast to undergo some major changes into late next week. A large dome of high pressure and hot weather will anchor over the middle of the nation towards Father’s Day weekend.

Early projections are bumping highs at least into the 90s across a wide swath of the plains, including KELOLAND. In fact, the European model has consistently shown highs above the century mark in central KELOLAND just over a week out.

Don’t forget, we’ll continue to monitor the impact on severe weather chances too early next week, mainly in western and northern KELOLAND.