SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The heat will return this weekend. We had a nice break in the heat and humidity in recent days but the heat is coming back in the forecast.

The last week of August will be warm as temperatures remain above average. Keep in mind, by the last of the month, the average high in Sioux Falls is 80. And just when we start September on Friday, widespread 90-degree heat will return. But it’s not just a matter of hitting 90; 100 degrees is on the table.

September is when we get our last 100-degree days.

  • Sioux Falls latest 100 is September 17, 1895
  • Aberdeen goes back to September of 1945
  • Pierre’s latest in the month at September 26 and Rapid City’s latest 100 is September 15

While 100-degree heat is possible over the holiday weekend, our latest 90s wait until October.

Sioux Falls and Aberdeen have to wait until mid-October while Pierre waits until the end of the month and Rapid City’s latest 90 is October 9.

Keep in mind, this is the year when Sioux Falls had its earliest 90 on record. You may remember 92 degrees on April 12 and 91 degrees on April 13; it was also the earliest back to back 90s in Sioux Falls history.